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Monday, March 30, 2009

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a medical condition that affects children.

Causes of Childhood Obesity

1. Genetic
If a child family history has overweight issues then child has high chance to become overweight.

2. Diet
Regular eating of high-calorie foods such as fast foods,cakes,icecreams,snacks,soft drinks,candies can cause weight gain.

3. Exercise little

Too little physical activity can cause childhood obesity. Because of playinhg video games,watching T.V.,surfing Net the kids don't get any physicial activity and that can lead to childhood obesity.

4. Psychological factors

Children may have to become to overweight if child is stress out with studies or may be because of lonely.

5. Economic Fator

If the kids come from low-income background then they are greater risks of becoming overweihgt. Because parents may not have knowledge of proper nutrition or not finacially good enough to provide nutrition food to kids.

Health Risks for Obese Children

Obese Children are higher risk of developing

1. High Blood Pressure
2. Asthma
4. PCOS ( If girls has obesity problem)
5. Depression

Treatment of Childhood Obesity

Physical Acitivity

If the parents enroll the children in Sports,Martial arts or any kind of regular physical acitivity like bike riding the there is chance of reducing the weight in children.Limit inactivity in kids like watching T.V.,playing Video Games and try to take kids outside even for regular walking is good.


If the parents plan nutritious meals for the kids there a chance of the kids to come to normal weight. Limit the junk food for the kids.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet helps you lose weight more quickly. Preferably organic foods are good when you are on Raw Diet. Raw food diet is good for overall health.If you cannot make 100 % raw diet atleast include a lot of raw diet .

You can eat on Raw food diet

Fresh fruits
Fresh Juice

The Raw food diet is not good for children,pregnant women and other people whi has some medical conditions.Nutritional Deficiencies may occur during raw food diet.

Reasons you are not Losing Weight

You have to work hard if you want to lost your weight.You need to do cardio exercise combination with strength exercises.

1. You are not getting enough sleep.
Getting enough sleep is very important if you trying to lose weight.

2. You might be having stress
Stress is one of the reasons for weight gain.do your favorite activity to reduce your stress.

3. Reduce your Calorie intake
Eat less calorie foods to lose weight.

4. You might have medical condition
Medical conditions or medications can contribute weight gain.Thyroid disease is one factor for weight gain.A thyroid deficiency may lead to weight gain.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Walking for Weight Loss

You need to exercise to Lose weight . You can lose your weight by combination of dieting and walking.Exercise on an empty stomach can help you to lose weight moe quickly.so, If you walk early morning it is better. But you can do the walking as per your convenience.You don't need to pay anything for walking.Pedometers are the great devices to keep track of your weight Loss.

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is good for weight Loss
Walking is good for Heart
Walking is good for controling the diabetes
Walking decreases the high blood pressure
Walking increases the bone density
Walking is good for your brain
Walking reduces the rist of cancer

Calories burned with normal walking in one hour for different body weights

110 Pounds 100 calories
125 pounds 114 calories
150 Pounds 136 calories
175 pounds 159 calories
200 Pounds 182 calories

Start Walking today and Lose your weight

Friday, February 13, 2009

Superfoods for Weight Loss

Some foods can help you to Shed pounds from your body.

Eating a grapefruit before a meal can help you to lose weight.Grapefruit contains cancer-fighting compounds like liminoids and lycopene.Red Grapefruit can help to lower your triglycerides. Grapefruit has low in calories.
Sardiness loaded with protein.There are also great source of omega-3s.
Pumkin has lots of fiber .Fiber is very important in health management.It is low in calories.
Green Tea
Green Tea is rich in antioxidants.Drink Green Tea daily boost the metabolism.
Salmon has lots of omega-3-fatty acids.
Apples ar high in fiber.
Bluberries has antiocidants.It has lots of fiber too.
Pomegranates loaded with floate and has antiocidants.They are low in calories and high in fiber.
The heart-healthy monounsaturated fat is good for weight loss
Olive Oil
Olive oil has healthy fat that helps to improve your metabolism.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Weight loss may prevent you to become type 2 diabetic.
  • Weight Loss can lower your blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss can improve Lung function in People with asthma.
  • People with type 2 diabetes who lost weight had lower blood sugar levels.
  • People with obstructive sleep apnea who lost their weight improved their sleep patterns.
  • Increased energy Levels. Weight Loss can lower your cholestrol level.
  • Weight Loss can reduced your pain like knee pain

Weight Loss Strategies

Set a Goal

Weight Loss takes time and effort. set a Goal how much weight you want to lose.Don't be distracted by other issues. Weight Loss depends on how much you are motivated to do that. Don't start a weight Loss plan if someone wants you to lose weight. If you are really motivated and determined to lose weight then start it.

Eat Healthy Foods

Cut down the calories intake. You can lower your calorie intake by eating vegetables,whole grains,fruits.Don't eat high calorie foods. Don't starve yourself. Try to eat salads when you are hungry.

Do Regular Exercise

Do regular exercise to burn more calories.Exercise is good for weight loss and it improves overall health.